Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Weekend report May 21 - 22

Lots of partying, some flying, as our rainy Spring continues.

The first cookout of the season happened Saturday evening, after nothing at all happened at the airfield that day. It was a nice gathering of friends and neighbors:
Andy, Christina, Christopher, Dirk, Ella, Gretta, Jill, Jill, Kevin, Lynn, Mary, Mike, Nathan, Olivia, Peter, Petey, Rich, Rick, Sonny, Sue, Tessa, Tim
We had our Spring open house on Sunday and made a handful of flights, including a couple of guest flights, under mostly overcast skies. Steve did the best in PM (by spending 77% of his time circling)!


Tim said...

I disagree with the statement about Saturday - "nothing at all happened at the airfield". The open house was postponed until Sunday but the message did not get out to TH (before he was on the road), and to many other people who showed up on Saturday. Tom did a great job chatting them up and most came back the next day.

Not many people showed up on Sunday but we gave 7 rides (to cloud base at 2500'). The people that showed up were VERY interested in our club and potentially joining, so I think the event was very worthwhile.

Remember with our low membership numbers this season, it is especially important that we welcome any potential members to the field. Say Hi to anyone you see standing around.

Thanks Tom, Andy, Christopher and Lane for the effort.

I would like to do a family and friends day at PMSC. What do think?

Andy Lumley said...

Great idea to do a family day Tim and I've always wanted to do a 'Post Mills Airport Day' in the form of an open house where we give glider and airplane rides, tethered balloon, etc.

Anonymous said...

Yes, yes and again, yes.

I'll bring my gas barbecue, and things to put on it,
coolers,and things to put in them,
my RC helicopter (if I get the repairs done),
what else ?
Cya there. C

Anonymous said...

Hey, I was constantly in low save mode (and at cloud base)!