Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Spar Doubler

The Blanik spar saga continues.

Here is a picture of the spar doubler offered by the German company AD&C, installed on the bottom surface of a Blanik wing. It looks like a pretty neat solution, if a bit expensive.

A few gliders in Europe (most notably the Blanix aerobatic team) are flying with a conditional "Permit to Fly" (similar to our EXPERIMENTAL category) using this doubler. Full approval by the European authority is expected, and FAA will probably rubber-stamp the approval some day.

The latest news from the factory is that they are still working on a solution of their own, and they have promised more news in July.

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Anonymous said...

Is that spiffy red & gray paint job included in the price ?

Latest news from the factory,
"we expect to have our own cheaper & reasonably priced solution ready by the time your club's flying season comes to an end".
Have a nice day.