Sunday, May 1, 2011

Good flying, mediocre reporting

PMSC operations in Vermont got off to a great start today, according to my source (whose identity is withheld to protect his reputation as a reporter).

Steve, Evan, Thomas, Skip, Rich, Andy, Tom, Christopher, Bill, Skip and Lane (yes, that Lane) put on an old fashioned flying show at Post Mills, while the southern auxilliary squadron (Sonny, Doug, Paul K) chose to fly at Springfield.

That's all I know since my source neglected to say anything about the weather, the runway conditions, the nature and strength of the thermals, the number of flights, or where the gliders went.

My source did send me this picture, and I gather from it that there weren't many cumulus clouds today:

(This photo almost qualifies as a "Name that sailplane" blog entry, but I'll give it away by telling you it's an ASW-24).

The quality of the reporting is forecast to improve.


JS, reporter-no-more said...

Anyone can deduce that those who flew, flew locally [read: from and back to dry, closely-cropped runways-see photo], in weak conditions (does the picture tell you anything about thermal strength?) and unsuccessfully for the most part [read: JS], exept for Andy who won some sort of time-on-the-ground bet.

The Weak-Day Wizards, T8, ZP and Steve (PM), were all up to the task and eaked out several hours of uninterrupted flight bliss each. Why, they were so enraptured with their good fortune and innate skills that they never even gave away their thermal dream locations. Or, if they did, I never heard them. My radio wasn't on.

And you damn well do know where one of us went. I sent you my flight recorder tracing!


    PMSC Member said...

OK, I exaggerated a bit. Tom and Skip did send in flight logs.

PM flew three times? I realize now that we need to teach more people how to extract logs from the Flight Recorders.

Never one to discourage reports from the field...


Tim said...

Saturday was probably the better soaring day. I shared 3 flights in the 2-33 with Steve and Bill with a max altitude of 5,300'. Andy took PM to 6,000'. Windy and bumpy on tow. Andy and Evan Towed - Thanks.