Friday, July 23, 2010

WGCs are confusing

Every two years, a pair of World Gliding Championships take place. (If this sounds confusing, don't worry about it. It will change soon).

This is one of the years in which the two contests are happening.

The first one, called the "31st World Gliding Championships," was held in Slovakia, and it has just ended. The entry list included 106 pilots from 23 countries. The competition classes were Standard, Club, and World, and the winners were the pilots from Poland, Germany, and France, respectively. We (USA) sent two pilots to compete in each of the three classes, and our best results were 8th in the Club Class and 5th in the World Class. You can read all about our team's experiences in the US Soaring Team blog.

The second one is also called the "31st World Gliding Championships," and it will start tomorrow in Hungary (144 pilots, 33 countries). This time the classes are Open, 18 Meter, and 15 Meter. Once again, we are sending two pilots in each class, and they are writing their news in a blog, which is once again called the US Soaring Team blog, not to be confused with the other one, above.

Next year, there won't be any WGCs. The year after that, there will be two, and they will both be called the "32nd World Gliding Championships."

Clear as mud, huh?


Anonymous said...

I thought we had an IGC delegate that was supposed to straighten all this out.

Andy Lumley said...

What's our IGC guy doing anyway, sleeping on the job?

Delegate said...

What, you think changing the shape of the earth is easy? I don't have time to work on nomenclature.

JS said...

Let's hold next year's WGC@2B9.