Thursday, July 8, 2010

Franconia Encampment Winner

I am declaring myself the winner of the Franconia Encampment because nobody had more fun than I did.

My fun started on Friday when I took the first tow out of Franconia behind the FSA’s new Birddog before our towplane even arrived (thanks to our reciprocal tow agreement). I enjoyed a 4 hour flight to Mt. Washington where I was joined by Evan (T8). The only thing more fun than going to Mt. Washington was making it back. (Andy-sorry if I hogged the 304 but if you want to fly you should really get to the field earlier).

On Saturday I had a great 2.5 hour rock polishing flight on the Franconia and Lafayette ranges in PM.

Sunday started out great when I took my daughter Christina on her first glider flight. She declared it was “awesome” even before we were off tow. We flew above Cannon and Kinsman to 6K. I found out she likes sustained 2G turns, weightlessness and screaming along the ridge at 100 mph. It WAS awesome!

Christina gave her stamp of approval on gliders and so Lynne took her first glider flight with Andy in the back seat. Andy gave Lynne the perfect introduction to soaring and she even liked it (although she is not quite ready to sign up for the family membership). This was the most fun I had for a flight where I didn’t even leave the ground.

After Lynne got back Alexander and I took the Blanik for a late afternoon flight. We flew the Franconia ridge for about an hour then made the transition to the Lafayette range where Pete joined us in 3J. It was great flying with Pete, and to see Alexander skillfully squeezing the last few feet of altitude out of the ridge lift. We tried to connect with a wave that developed but couldn’t – but even that was fun.

When not flying the pool, the fireworks and the conversation were all great.

Thanks to everyone who work so hard to prepare and move the equipment need to make the encampment work. Thanks to the tow pilots. And thanks Judy for keeping us fed.

Did any one else have any fun this weekend? (put it in the comments)


p.s. I plan on winning at Gorham too.


Anonymous said...

Au contraire- my friend.
You boast too soon.
I had a nice flight w/ Mike M.
and 2 short (pronounced~ crappy~flights with me.
And was the only one to not get a flight the last day -
~ But for a winner, and who had the most fun - and what made my weekend ~ was watching & taking photos of 8 yr old Christina Chow taking her first airplane ride with her Dad.
If you think you had more fun that her- wait till you see the photos!
That was worth every penny!
Which reminds me - I have to collect my pics from my and Pete Dodd's cameras and get them together on a CD.
And post them on the blog ~
~ that was precious !
~ ~ ~ ~ Christopher
PS and a great line - from Paul Kram re: something entirely different on the flight line -
"that's a beauty kinda like a female rugby player- beauty."

Anonymous said...

Saw either Evan or Tim from route 2 on Friday afternoon. Why my family reunion always conflicts with Franconia!?!