Thursday, July 8, 2010

Runway Incursions

I'm not an expert on the topic, but I bet I have more experience with runway incursions than most. I'm up to five now. Two while flying gliders, three while flying single engine airplanes. All have been in the form of a blocked runway while I've been on final. Four of the five required evasive action on my part. I have been blocked by un-announced, very low opening parachute jumpers, a car, a car towing a glider and departing light planes (twice).

The point of this message is: if it can happen to me five times, it can happen to you too! Keep your eyes and your options open!


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Andy Lumley said...

Got you beat many times over and my favorite was a full blown tractor trailer in the middle of the long runway. Second runner up was a fire truck, third was a giant inflatable wheel rolling across the runway with a person in side it and that was while towing so I had to release the glider to assure making it over it... I'll stop now.