Thursday, April 15, 2010

PMSC at Perry

Evan and T8 departed for the Region 5 contest at Perry, South Carolina on the 15th.

Practice day report
on PMSC News
Practice day report
, also written by Evan, on the SSA website. I'm glad he didn't say "over and out" on the radio. The first competition day was yesterday, and we have a scoresheet, and a brief report. The scoresheet shows Evan in 6th place, with a small penalty (he hit the finish line a bit too low).
This just in: a report from today in which Evan describes a short but rambunctious day of flying. The scoresheet shows that our guy has moved up to 4th place in the 15 Meter Class. And in the Sports Class, the current leader is Sarah Kelly Arnold, who organized our Tennessee adventure last month.
The scoresheet from today. And here's the report from our exhausted but still erudite correspondent.
Today's scoresheet has Evan in 6th place, only 2 points out of 5th. I bet he wishes he hadn't received that 14 point penalty on Monday. Here is his report. Sarah Kelly Arnold seems to be running away with the Sports Class.
Here is the scoresheet for today, the penultimate day of the contest. But the weather forecast for tomorrow (Saturday) is not so hot, according to Evan's report. It may be all over.
After five straight racing days, the rains finally came and the last day was cancelled. Evan wound up a very respectable 7th in the 15 Meter Class. He's on the road for home.

And here's hoping he writes up the entire experience again when he gets back.


Anonymous said...


Show them Good Ol' Boys how we do it above the Mason-Dixon line. They think that because they can make a NASCAR go fast that they can make a glider go fast. Here are a couple of tips:

1) at the starting line always remind them who won the War. They get all flustered and can't think straight for 45 minutes.

2) on the ridge always pass them on the left because when they see you, they will try to go faster by pushing on the right pedal. Same thing they do in their Dukes-of-Hazard mobiles.

S2 said...

A finish penalty? Better luck next time, hotshot!