Sunday, April 18, 2010

Oh I wish I was in Dixie - Hooray, Hooray!

Oh, wait a minute, I am in Dixie. And Hooray for that. This is what an airport in South Carolina looks like in April, smiles all around, short sleeves at 0800 in the morning (we won't discuss August). That's Lane Bush with the Std Cirrus. He isn't grinning quite as big because it isn't snowing at his home field.

Yesterday in practice I flew around 170 miles at a relaxed 60-something mph. The day had a few soft spots, but most carried water all the way around. Winds aloft were 20+ all day which added a little interest.

All for now -- things to do.

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Rick said...

I wish I were there. Say hi to Al and Rhonda for me.