Friday, August 7, 2009

Grab a Logger and Go!

"One of these days" I will compile a list of "Evan's links" for weather forecasting. Really, I will. For the moment, suffice to say that tomorrow (Saturday) looks very promising in a XC sort of way that the weather simply hasn't for several weeks. Based on current forecast models, we are looking at light westerly or northwesterly winds, clear air, cu with bases of 5k agl and perhaps a bit higher if we are lucky. Overdevelopment is unlikely and little shear will exist in the convective layer. Also, the post frontal airmass here today just feels great.

My guess is that the day will support Silver distance readily and possibly 300K for higher performance ships.

Tonight would be a great time to sit down with your maps, lay out some courses, review badge & declaration requirements and make some plans. Tomorrow morning is too late: have your plan (or two or three) ready the night before! If you need suggestions on where to go, look at my OLC flight logs -- the routes I take are generally safe w.r.t. landing options, but note the complete absence of good fields between Post Mills and Knox Mtn. For Silver distance recommendations, see your favorite flight instructor.

Crewing: I'll reaffirm what I've said previously: if I am on the airport, I'm available to retrieve.

You can make life (a lot) easier for your ad hoc crew by creating a checklist covering important trailer hookup details and leaving it, your keys & vehicle registration in obvious places, along with plenty of gas in the tank.

See ya at the airport,


The nomenclature police said...

"Grab a Flight Recorder and Go!"

Anonymous said...

Shortly, I'm going to grab my entire glider and go...