Saturday, February 16, 2008

Over and Out

Andy, Andy, Carl, Doug, Mary, Peter, Skip, Sonny, and Tom listened patiently while Evan and Rick pontificated on the use of radios in glider operations. Everyone, including the instructors, learned something. We now know why you should never use the word "repeat" on the radio (ask Carl). We also learned that you can cover all the radio topics in a single session, and still have time for dinner at the brewpub. This class will be repeated at least once before the season gets underway.

Breakfast tomorrow at "The Fort."



Anonymous said...

walkietalkie to base
walkietalkie to base
walkietalkie to base....

lawrence said...


Amelia Dearheart said...

One more thing---found this link under Roger's Soaring Blog-not sure who Roger is, but thanks!

Amelia Dearheart said...

Breakfast on Sunday at the airport was fun-Thanks to Andy and Deb for hosting-it was a great turnout. We had a tow pilot on crutches, an engaged couple, children, holy mackerel, liquor, and sunshine-if you were not there-hope you'll make it to the next. 4/2/08

Amelia Dearheart said...

oops, that date should have been march 3 2008-I think I'm rushing SPRING-it IS almost here, RIGHT?