Friday, April 15, 2016

Slackers 1, Regulars 0, Game on

In anticipation of our Opening Day tomorrow, Dan and Greg came over to help Susan, Tim and Rick get the L19 running.  That was nice of them.  All five of us struggled  with a mystery involving the towplane's master switch and a circuit breaker that finally necessitated demounting the whole instrument panel.

We turned our back for a minute, and the next thing we knew EA and JD were assembled, and Dan and Greg were standing there with their thumbs out.

After a brief test flight, Tim towed the first two flights of the season from our home base.

Even with the first takeoff at 5pm, they had good flights. Greg reported 7 knots to 6500 feet!

The season is underway.

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Rick said...

Congratulations on getting those two flights in, after working all day on the L19.