Thursday, March 31, 2016

Off to a good start

Of the thousand or so winter-weary glider pilots who showed up at the biennial SSA Convention in Greenville, South Carolina, four of them were members of our club. One of them was Bill O'Donnell, who, for reasons unknown, seems to prefer hanging out in Florida during our cool season.

In Greenville, Bill met Frank and Jayne Reid, proprietors of the nearby Bermuda High Soaring School. On his way back to Florida, Bill checked in at BHSS and arranged for some flight instruction later in March.  Upon his return a week ago, Bill so impressed Frank with his aeronautical skill that Frank had no choice but to give him a new rating.

Congratulations to Bill O'Donnell on his new Private Pilot Glider rating!

The Club's 2016 season is off to a good start, thanks to Bill.


Tim said...

Very Cool! Way to go Bill!

Kolleen Cass said...

Congratulations, dad! Way to go! Be safe and enjoy!

Eileen said...

We are so proud of our brother!!
Good job
Eileen and Bobber

Rick said...

Stay where you are, Bill! It's snowing in Vermont today!