Monday, November 10, 2014

Weekend report November 8 - 9

We're definitely winding down.  This weekend, two pilots showed up to fly and four pessimists showed up to take their gliders home for the season.

The pilots, Bill O and Dakai, flew the 2-33 eight times between them.  The weather was not very good either day, but that gave us more opportunity for ground school and other excuses to stand around and talk, and it allowed us to choose our takeoff times without any pressure.

It was fun to observe Bill getting used to the 2-33, which is new to him. It was Bill's last weekend at Post Mills, and we look forward to seeing him in the Spring.  And we're envious that he'll be spending the winter flying with NFSS.

The best flight of the weekend was turned in by Dakai and Lane, who stayed up 40 minutes, somehow, under a solid overcast.  They were out of sight the whole time, and we were just about to send up the posse when they showed up in the landing pattern.

We will put the club gliders away this coming weekend.  Next weekend is our last flying weekend, and we'll put the gliders away sometime after that.


Anonymous said...

About the photo: just what is that a photo of??? Does that have some purpose? It seems a bit useless if it's to provide shelter from sun or rain. Is it just another one of Boland's head-scratching "art installations?" Why is it planted in the same spot where Rick used to park his Cub? Is this belated "payback" for the whiney letter Rick sent to the State of Vermont, complaining about the "Vermontosaurus," a while back?

Rick said...

About the comment: just what makes you think your views deserve any attention when you comment anonymously? Also, that's not where I park the Cub. Also, the kiosk is of much higher artistic value than the dinosaur. Also, I never sent a letter to the state of Vermont. Also, you, of all people, should know how to spell "whiny."

Anyway, to answer your question, that's a photo of a Schweizer 2-33A being towed by the PMSC golf cart.

I trust this answer suffices, whoever you are.

Lane Cobb said...

Dear Anonymous,
Have patience. Once the beer taps are installed, the purpose will become obvious.

Lane Cobb said...

I want to congratulate Dakai for his masterful "tiptoe thermaling" which allowed us to smoke the club's chief instructor on the flights with his student. :))

    PMSC Member said...

Since that photo was published, someone has been stealing the pumpkins. Probably Mr. Anonymous.

Rick said...

It's easy to blame Anonymous for everything, but we should be fair whenever possible.

The mystery of the purloined pumpkin has been solved. Mary confessed.