Sunday, November 16, 2014

Number 600

A milestone was reached yesterday.  Dakai and Lane took to the air on the  600th (and likely final) flight of the 2014 PMSC season.  This is a club record for the number of flights in a year.

Andy, who is always ready with his camera to record historical occasions, took this action-packed photo of the pilot, the copilot, and the ground crew, just before the momentous flight occurred:

There is actually something interesting to note in the photo.  The glider was lined up for takeoff on Runway 5.  The late-afternoon (2:00 pm!) sun is shining directly down the runway, which happens only this time of year.  We had to use improvised launch signals, because Andy could not see the glider from the towplane!

Six hundred flights is a lot, for a small club.  Congratulations everybody!


Diane said...

600! That's fantastic. Dakai, so glad you joined the group! Looks like you're all having great season. Missed getting there for yet another season-maybe life will slow down when I retire!

Anonymous said...

Good looking guys...I'm surprised that there are not more women in this club. njk

Anonymous said...

The plane and the clothes make the men.

Anonymous said...

thats a lame statement