Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Weekend report July 11 - 13

It was a 3 day weekend for PMSC.  On Friday Moshe (RU) had a nice 206 km (304 OLC points) flight to Franconia, Peacham, Knox Mt. and Hanover.  Andy Lumley. took the towplane up to Franconia and brought back FSA’s SGS 2-33 and Blanik L-23.  They will be based at Post Mills until they get their towplane fixed.

Saturday was a marginal local soaring day but between FSA and PMSC operations there were 14 flights.

Sunday was a marginal training day.  Bill braved the weather to fly over from Portland to fly a couple of patterns with Henry.

Andy towed all three days.  Thanks Andy!

While FSA is with us we will be logging all their flights on our sheets too.  For glider IDs we will us the following:

For the 2-33s – “67” us.  “68” them.
For the Blaniks – “BA” us.  “BB” them.
Private glider – “US” is them.

(their 2-33 is N33968, their Blanik is N118BB and Jim David’s ASW-20 has competition ID “US”)

Moshe sent along some pictures from the weekend.

- Tim

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Anonymous said...

The last picture is from 12:30pm Friday. It seemed strange to see nothing happening on the field under that gorgeous sky. I am glad I did fly that day, albeit didn't get to launch until after 2pm.

- the lone slacker