Monday, July 7, 2014

Sunday flight of RU at Franconia

Moshe writes:
It was hot, even at 6000 feet, with no significant shade from clouds.  I got to 6500 feet, tossed in rotor in the lee of Lafayette, but couldn't find any wave lift. The WSW wind (Nook said 15 knots but I think it was stronger) blew me farther away. 
Coming back to Cannon I lost some 2500 feet in sink, and there I joined 3 other gliders in a gaggle turning to the right, which I am not good at.  Barely climbing there, that's when I noticed the wetness in my seat.  Turned out the Camelback water spout got stuck under me, and thus my sorely-needed drinking supply turned into a puddle in the seat pan.  That was not fun. 
I kept scratching anyway, trying unsuccessfully to make headway upwind, and making a couple of low saves near the airport.  Finally, in the fourth hour, the cu got nicer and I got a bit of shade at 7000 MSL, going near Moosilauke. Sure got exhausted! 
I see that other people struggled too, e.g., Tim spent a whole 2 hours scratching, often lower than I got.  But, they were eventually rewarded with finding the wave and going to 12,000 feet. I never found the wave; perhaps I need to learn where to look for it!
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