Monday, March 3, 2014


From the turnout at the 2014 Annual General Meeting, it is clear that, after 25 years, we still have a strong and enthusiastic club.

We gathered, discussed our future, handed out jobs, and held elections - all without the excuse of a party or other incentive to get people to show up.  Everyone seems enthusiastic about being ready for the 2014 season (only 50 days away), and we are all looking forward to flying again.

Congratulations and thanks to the new Board of Directors: Greg, Mark, Paul, Tim, and a player to be named later.  These guys will be working hard for us in 2014, and we should not hesitate to work hard for them.


Dennis said...

Without the excuse!!!!!

Is that how we are positioning it!

PMSC Member said...

It was my intent to draw attention to the fact that this was probably the first AGM in club history that was not associated with a party, breakfast, or encampment, and yet the members showed that they cared enough to turn up at what was, after all, just a business meeting.

Perhaps I could have phrased it better.