Sunday, February 23, 2014

Saturday at Springfield

Dennis writes:
It was a cool time and so refreshing not to be cooped up shoveling snow.

Went over to Springfield to do some prep on my glider and when I got there an FAA sponsored seminar broke out. It was about examining accidents and tips to better prepare to avoid them. Good food for thought to hear at the beginning of the flying season.

After I got through, (man I love tinkering on a glider in a warm clean hangar), I caught the seminar and then Walter took me up for a flight in the PW6.

BTW Walter gives his regards to you all...

Big air, 20 mph 30 degree cross, lots of sink and some good lift. We got to about 5400 and were able to play tag with a street for an hour or so. I had the back seat and Walter let me get some thermal stick time in the PW. That is an amazingly easy glider to fly. The air was rough but, that glider just handled the day just fine.

It beats Condor by a mile.

Can't wait for the season to start. See you next week...

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Greg said...

Nice lucky you