Thursday, January 23, 2014

Name those club members

All of them. Click on the picture for a hint.


Andy Lumley said...

Easy for an old timer like me.

Janet Frank, Diane Chamberlain, Gordon Kitridge, Sue Marsha and then must be Jill Brooker on the telescope.

Anonymous said...

Old fart is more like it!

Kevin is either looking through the telescope or he just crapped out a retriever. Watching, from L to R, are Petey, Diane, Gordon, and Nancy.

Anonymous said...

What's the dogs name !
and why is that person scoping out her crotch with
a 200x power telescope.
From 7 feet away !

Rick said...

Someone needs to learn which way a reflecting telescope is pointing.

PMSC Member said...

OK, Andy wins the No-Prize again. From left to right: Holden, Jill, Janet, Diane, Gordon, Sue. The photo was taken at Gorham on October 21, 2000, a few hours before Diane earned one of her nicknames.

The article in which it appears is considered a "classic."

Kevin said...

Jill was pregnant with Olivia in this photo. The telescope was successful in watching gliders parked in the wave if you were lucky enough to spot them.