Saturday, September 21, 2013

Private Pilot

Friday was a spectacular late summer day, with lots of activity at Post Mills Airport.  We had scientists doing aerodynamic experiments on the runway, and bunch of volunteers working on a new exhibit in the museum.

But the highlight of the day involved actual flying, as it should.

Kasie Cavagnaro drove her dad to the field to do some flying with Bill Stinson. Dennis and Bill took the 2-33 up for a variety of exercises, and when it was over, they were ready to pose for pictures. Congratulations to Dennis Cavagnaro, our club's newest Private Pilot!

And thanks once again to our indefatigable examiner, Bill Stinson, who has done so much for gliding in our region.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations ! Dennis. > 1 more pilot I can fly with when I get home very soon. Way to go. Christopher

Anonymous said...

Way to go, Dennis! Happy flying!