Monday, August 19, 2013

Weekend report August 17 - 18

We had a three-day weekend, if you want to count Sunday, which was grey and barely flyable.

On Friday, a trio of slackers (EA, JS, and JD) went out for a total of 457 OLC kilometers.  On Saturday, nine different gliders took off from Post Mills, which may be a record for this year.  It would have been ten, but Sonny's plan for the day changed when the radiator in his car split open on the way to the airfield. Moshe (RU) had a flight at Morrisville, so that makes it ten (and that doesn't count Tony, who flew on Saturday, but he seems to have switched loyalties from his friendly, supportive, club-of-origin to a dessicated impersonal wasteland operation with nothing more than pecuniary interests, and probably nowhere near as good a social infrastructure.)

Anyway, back at Post Mills, Greg (JD) and Dan (EA) held hands around a bow-tie shaped course:

Greg in red, Dan in blue
and Skip (JS) and Rick (6Q) joined up at Dean where they set out for home together, with mixed results:

Rick in red, Skip in blue
(Evan and Paul also landed out, but they aren't men enough to post their flight logs).

But never mind the flying part - the highlight of the weekend was the dining.  We had 23 at the cookout:
Andy, Christina, Dan, Dennis, Evan, Geoff, Greg, Henry, Laurie, Lynne, Marsha, Mike, Paul, Peter, Petey, Keith, Mary, Rick, Sawyer, Sherry, Skip, Sue, Tim
and thanks partly to the season, but mostly to our volunteer chefs, we enjoyed an amazing assortment of side dishes to go with our chicken, sausage, salmon, pizza, and beer!  Let's do it again next weekend!

Oh, yes, there's a rumor going around that we bought another glider!


PMSC Member said...

Pasta salad, corn on the cob, pesto potato salad, ice cream, chicken salad, zucchini casserole, cucumber/pepper salad, green beans, frozen yogurt, spinach quiche, smoked salmon, cole slaw, green salad, potato chips.

Tony said...

OK, so it's a little dry and sandy out here. But hardly impersonal like those better known commercial ops nearby. I've been telling all that Post Mills is soaring's Field of Dreams. Now sounds like you've become a gourmet pleasure palace.

Anonymous said...

Great Flying guys!!!

Anonymous said...

But there never seems to be enough sausage...