Thursday, December 13, 2012

Another Day at Springfield

I went down to Springfield (VSF) to pick up PM so we could do some maintenance on it.  I was there, PM was there, Walter was there, the Pawnee was there.  It was sunny with no wind and clouds were starting to pop.  So I took a flight.  After about 40 minutes of struggling to maintain release altitude a cloudstreet developed and I was able to get to cloudbase and just kept climbing.  It was a slow climb but it went all the way up to 9,000'.  From there I pushed forward one cycle in the wave to Plymouth, Vermont.  I wandered around Plymouth for a while until I found the primary which quickly (4 knots+) took me to 11,000 feet.  At 11,000 feet Walter came by in the RV to check on me and then it was an easy flight to Killington (which I never saw because of the undercast), Okemo, Claremont and home.

PM should be ready to go again after a little maintenance.  I'll let you know where it's currently parked.  Tows can be arranged at VSF.  Go for it!



Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting... very pretty.

Someone needs to call me up and shame me into driving to the airport. I just don't think in terms of soaring this time of year!


7H said...

Great initiative. Great flight Tim