Monday, October 22, 2012

Weekend report October 20 - 21

We can blame the weather for our getting off to a late start on Sunday, but not on Saturday, which was a beautiful day from beginning to end.

The clouds on Saturday looked good, but they provided no help at all.  There was weak lift over the sunny spots.  Rick towed, Bill instructed, and Mark made good progress in the 2-33.  Tom (who seems to have stopped posting his flights on OLC) and Skip (JS) made a couple of late afternoon local flights, with Skip flying long enough to cause us to call him to find out if he was still in the air. Karl and Bill took a Cub ride while waiting for Skip to return.

The Sunday weather was not very good early in the day, but it became quite pleasant toward the end.  Andy towed and Tim instructed.  Mark got a lesson and Dennis racked up another solo.

Andy, Tim, and Mark brought the old Blanik out of storage and back to the airport.  I wonder what will happen to it next!

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