Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Wave camp early report

The first weekend at Gorham featured all kinds of weather, but not much in the way of wind.  So far there have been only two flying days, and only one with decent wave conditions.

On the first day (Friday), Tim, John and Evan reached about 20000 feet after struggling a bit down low.  But that struggle was nothing compared with yesterday.  That morning, twenty five optimists assembled their gliders in intermittent drizzly conditions.  When the sun finally broke out, everyone rushed into the air and most of them fell back down.  The ones that didn't were faced with the challenge of staying within range of home while running away from the clouds.

The best flight of the day was probably Dan's introduction to the wave, just before sunset, with Jerry from NESA in the PW-6.  They made it to 11000 feet over the Horn, in clear conditions.

The rest of us are hopeful that the wind will start to blow from the west before next weekend.

1 comment:

Tim said...

Great flight Dan and Jerry!

They had the last tow of the day and everyone else (almost) had previously made involuntary landings.