Wednesday, August 8, 2012

World Gliding Championships - Day 3

Since Rick is busy, I thought I would blog for him.

Rick's pilot (Dick Butler) won Day 3 in the open class in the one-of-a-kind Concordia. Winning speed over the 715 km (444 miles) task was 154 km/hr (96 mph). Dick is currently in 9th place. He had a rough Day 1 and landed out (placing 23rd of 26). The competition goes on for another week. Way to go Rick (and Dick)!

In other PMSC news:

John Good is acting as Deputy Director and Task Director at the contest.

Andy L. (El Presidente) is sitting on his butt, by a lake with a cocktail.


Photograph: Pete Alexander


Rick said...

Thanks, Tim. I'll try to send some photos.

Andy Lumley said...

The cocktail rumor is true.

Also noteworthy is that the weather has been spectacular, the sailing is excellent and the kids are have a blast.