Thursday, August 30, 2012

Slacker makes good

Congratulations to Greg Hanlon on his Private Pilot Certificate!

Greg took the day off from work, and Bill Stinson made the trip from Sugarbush to administer the test today. Christopher and Rick served as ground crew. It was a beautiful day for a flight test, and Greg made two perfect flights. That was enough for Bill, and Greg became our newest Private Pilot.

When asked who would be his first passenger, Greg was unsure. He was more interested in talking about the club rule that requires a Private Certificate before flying the 304.

The day was still young, so why not? During his cockpit checkout, Janet Frank showed up on her bike and agreed to run the wing. Greg took a high tow, found some wave, and kept PM in the air for about an hour. So congratulations again!


Dennis said...

Hey Great news and congratulations Greg!

We will never see the 304 again -:)



Tim said...

From first lesson to PPL in 3.5 months. Is that a PMSC record? Greg, glad the hard "work" paid off for you!

Rick said...

I'm not sure, but I think that Andy may have been a bit quicker to get his license. But that was a long time ago.