Monday, February 13, 2012


As usual, the highlight of the Annual General Meeting of the Post Mills Soaring Club was the homemade breakfast we enjoyed before the meeting started. Thank you, Judy and Andy, for feeding this year's attendees:
Andrew, Andy, Andy, Andy, Bill, Christina, Christopher, Diane, Ella, Emma, Jane, Judy, Kevin, Lynne, Marsha, Mike, Moshe, Nancy, Paul, Penny, Rich, Rick, Skip, Sonny, Steve, Sue, Sue, Thomas, Tim, Tom, Zach
It was a good turnout. You should have been there, Evan.

After breakfast, a subset of the horde listed above took care of business. We discussed the towplane, finances, officers, membership, the fleet, the airport, our new website, encampments, the upcoming FIRC, and safety matters. Decisions will show up in the minutes, in due course.

The hours of daylight are getting noticeably longer.The AGM seems to mark the boundary between seasons. Spring fever has replaced cabin fever, finally.


Anonymous said...


Mmmmmph. Whazzat?

I was hibernating. Sorry.


Anonymous said...

Way too many Andrews.