Saturday, December 17, 2011

Wright Brothers Day 2011

108 years after Orville and Wilbur ruined their best glider by putting an engine on it, a few hardy PMSC members celebrated by going flying. Andy, Rich, Rick, and Tim took off from Post Mills in various airplanes and headed for Springfield where the hardiest of all NESA members, Walter Striedieck, was preparing a gliding operation.

We flew the PW-6 (I1) four times, and Tim found a nice 2-knot December thermal that gives us the right to claim that soaring is a year-round sport in Vermont.

Meanwhile, Tony (7H) had almost as much fun on a 159km jaunt down in Florida. He must be practicing for his Diamond Distance flight later this Spring.

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Tim said...

I found a 2-knot thermal but couldn't figure out how to center it. I managed to maintain altitude. Rick took over and demonstrated how to use it to climb 1500' to cloud base. It was a really fun flight. Thank you Walter for the use of the glider and tow plane!