Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Wave Camp

Great wave camp. There were wave flights on all weekend and holiday days (5). My three flights went to 12K, 26K and 18K msl. How did everyone else do?



Anonymous said...

My psyche is still reverberating.

I'll remember 10/10/11 for life. 7:15 aloft, 26K max alt (in a sweatshirt), 483 km on OLC.

The rest of the camp was just as enjoyable if not as spectacular on the numbers.


Tim said...

10/10/11 was an amazing day for several reasons. I got there late because the wind was so light I didn't think there would be significant wave. The wind at 12,000' was only 12 kts yet the wave went to 29,000' (Jim David's flight). And there were no clouds to mark it. And it was 70'F at on the ground.

The top 3 OLC flights in the world for that day were flown here. RR - 533 pts, 2S - 521 pts and T4 - 462 pts. Q2 and US also had long flights (349 pts and 223 pts). Q2 landed in Springfield VT, and US almost made it back from Mt. Ascutney but landed at Dean.

I think there were 5 new Lennies that day (people who went over 25,000' for the first time).

I also remember Pete in 3J got into wave after a long struggle on the Carters, and Rick S. and Karl had a great flight in our new Blanik PI (w/o oxygen).

Other members had memorable flights too but I can't remember the details...

I think 10/10/11 - Columbus Day - shows that we have just scratched the potential of wave flying in the NE.