Thursday, October 6, 2011

T8's Wx Links for Mt Washington

I put all of these in a folder on my toolbar called "Mt Wash WX". Then all I need to do to get all the weather I need is click on the folder and select "Open All in Tabs".

There: I just saved you about three minutes a session and at least one case of carpal tunnel syndrome at the margin.

To use these, create a new bookmarks folder, then select the following list of bookmarks (as text) and copy into your new folder.

I don't have an opinion on which sounding model is "best", let alone for what reasons. In addition to forecasting possible wave, it's useful to get some idea of temps aloft and forecast possibility of extensive clouds (alt., depth, timing). Maybe someone can chime in here if they have researched this.

Additional useful links solicited.


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