Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Timing is everything

Tim had an adventurous flight yesterday. He dashed up to Twin Mountain where he got low. He ridge soared back to Franconia where he got high. Then he took a cloudstreet over to Cabot where he got low again. Two hours later he was higher, but not high enough to make the crossing from the central Vermont plateau back to Post Mills. During his struggle, he talked with Moshe, who was nearing the end of his 87 km flight out of Morrisville.

Timing is everything. The day ended half an hour earlier than Tim was hoping, and he called it quits at Montpelier after a 205 km flight. He rolled up to the same spot on Runway 35 that he had visited five days earlier.

This time his crew was ready (and motivated by the prospect of a dinner on the town). Just over an hour after landing out, the 304 was back in the trailer at Post Mills, and the Slackers were off to get pizza.

We beat the crowd at Stella's by a slim margin. Timing is everything.


tim said...


Thank you for the tows and especially the quick retrieves (3 this season). You would do well adopting Domino's modo for the retrieves..."Be there in 30 minutes or less, or it's free".


7H said...

Tim--You are a lucky man indeed. PMSC has the smartest, fastest, and most able retrieve team in the country. At my Florida club a landout is regarded as major muddleup, as in "Lawd Billy Bob you got to be dense to fly outside gliding range of the field." At the commericial operation I visited this summer it would have cost you $250 if they even got to you the same day. Keep on keeping on. Oh, and next time maybe it should be steaks all around.

S2 said...

Steaks, yeah. Probably cheaper than Stella's pizza.