Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Transition to Wave at PM

Here is the log of my flight last Saturday where I transitioned to wave a few miles north of PM airport.  I transitioned from thermals to wave at about 6,000' (cloud base) and then climbed in wave to about 9,000'.
The wind was out of the west (left) and I was flying directly downwind.  I was able to climb a little in 2 broken thermals (thermals are typically broken up by the rotor).  The third thermal was particularly strong (8 kts) and took me to cloud base.  I then pushed forward and continued to climb while I "ridge soared" the front of the clouds.  As is often the case the clouds drifted downwind.  Often more clouds will form up wind and you should push forward to get up wind of the new clouds.  In this case it looks like a jump downwind to another wave peak.

I was able to go to Franconia in wave without losing much altitude but I fell out of the wave (I thought for sure I would find better wave there) and had to thermal back to PM.

Here is the entire flight log:
Here is the Skew-t for the day:

The satellite image shows cloud streets (parallel to the wind) and not the usually wave bands (perpendicular to the wind):

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