Thursday, July 6, 2017


July 5 was a good day for FAI triangles**.  Thanks for towing, Rick!

Dan & Greg join the New England 500K FAI triangle club, which I reckon numbers about 8 pilots and fewer than 20 such flights.  These guys have it figured out.  Superb flying.  Well done!

Evan had a good day, as well.  Most of the flight was too involved for sight seeing, but the Green Mtns offered "hero conditions" that allowed a moment of relaxation and a few quick photos.

T8 Northbound on the Green Mtns.  Mt Snow at center.

Same location as photo above, looking NE.

Same location, looking East.

EA approaching NH's lakes region.

Lake Winnipesaukee as seen from EA.

**For courses under 750km, the definition of an FAI triangle is a course defined by three waypoints, with the shortest of three legs being at least 28% of the total distance.  The start & finish points must be co-located, and may be either on one leg or at a vertex.  If more than 750K, the definition isn't quite that restrictive, but nothing we've needed to worry about in New England.  Yet.


Rick said...

What is an "FAI Triangle?"

Moshe Braner said...

Making the start/end point a vertex of the triangle forces the other two vertices to be farther from "home", thus a bigger challenge - especially with the added requirement of per-declaring the turnpoints. My personal challenge for years has been such a 300km triangle. I managed that once, 20 years ago. Still trying for the same again, with shorter wings this time.

Rick said...

Hi Moshe. That doesn't make sense. There is no requirement to start/finish at a vertex of the triangle in any Sporting Code achievement, as far as I know.

Gregg Ballou said...

A FAI Triangle is a right triangle. Fly the right triangle and you win.

Rick said...

Don't be obtuse, Gregg.

Rick said...

What happens if you declare a 751 km triangle that barely satisfies the 25% rule, but you claim the two turnpoints by flying just within the 500m circles?

Your credited distance is reduced to 749 km. Is that still a legal FAI triangle?

Gregg Ballou said...

Triangle Lines Matter

Moshe Braner said...

Rick: like I said, it's my personal challenge. Nothing official with the FAI or any other group. And when I say "pre-declare" I mean to myself. And perhaps to my buddies. It's all for fun.

Moshe Braner said...

I guess this one doesn't count, since the start/end point is in the middle of a leg. Oh well.