Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Long day in the cockpit

Congratulations to Evan on an outstanding 1500 kilometer flight!

He took off from Mifflin County Airport in central Pennsylvania at 9:58 am yesterday and landed back there over ten hours later.

In the meantime, he'd been to Tazewell, Virginia, 340 miles from home.  The flight was huge:

The winds that day were slightly south of the ideal direction, which allowed him to make the return trip at an average speed of just over a hundred miles per hour.  He spent just 6% of his time circling.

It was the longest glider flight in the world yesterday.

We hope he's spending today resting up and writing the story for us.


Andy Lumley said...

Now that is truly a cross country flight. Holy Smokes!

Rick said...

That feeling you get when it's 2pm and you're 340 miles from home...

Tim said...

I once sat in a barcalounger for 8 hours straight watching Seinfeld reruns. I thought that was an accomplishment. I guess you have me beat...10 hours, averaging 95 mph, in a plane without an engine...very cool!