Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Diverted Flight

My flight on Saturday was diverted (not a land-out) because of weather.  There was a thunderstorm over Post Mills Airport so I landed at Smith Field in Lyme.  Both 2-legged and 4-legged natives were friendly.   Here is Terry (2-legged) helping to load up the glider with the others (4-legged) wishing they could help too.

Thanks Dan for coming to get me and Evan for towing (I guess).



Anonymous said...

Looks like a landing aux vache to me!

Rick said...

I agree. Just because you can see it coming for a long time doesn't make it "not an outlanding."

Tim said...

An outlanding is when you can't make it to the airport, known as a "crash" in the media. Your flight is diverted if weather prevents you from landing at the intended airport.

If your Delta flight can't land at BOS because of fog and you land at JFK even the newspapers don't report that as a "crash at JFK"!