Sunday, June 21, 2015

Weekend report June 20 - 21

Well it was only half a weekend.

Saturday weather was nice, but unsettled.  We had a couple of soarable periods separated by doldrums.  We tried hard however, Dan (EA), Evan (T8), Henry (3BA), and Willie (3BA) all flew twice, and Tom (2W) tried it three times.  In all cases the lift was weak and low, and nobody got out of gliding range of home.

Karl (3J) and Skip (JS) made good local flights, but the winner of the day was Tim (AT) who stayed aloft for a couple of hours, nobody quite sure how.

Steve requalified in the back seat of the Blanik, and Dennis experienced his first round trip trailer/staging/trailer day.  All in all, it was a fun day of local flying, with 16 total flights, all of which were towed by Andy.

We celebrated the summer solstice with the first organized cookout of the season, attended by
Andrew, Andy, Dakai, Dan, Evan, Judy, Karl, Lane, Laurie, Mary, Mike, Peter, Petey, Rick, Skip, SonnyTom
and we had plenty of good food, drink, and stories to ring in the new season.  The entertainment was provided by Dan, whose automotive systems demonstration act still needs a bit of work.

Evan brought his wide-angle lens (click to enlarge):

We were rained out on Sunday.


Diane said...

I almost came to the cookout, but figured I would only know a couple of people. I recognize almost everyone in the shot. I'll try to stop by some weekend!

Anonymous said...

Nice jammies Lane!

Lane Cobb said...

I'm wearing my Hammer Time pj's for now on. Never got so much attention. Made me feel special.

When I pointed out that you see pj's worn in public all the time these days, some wag responded "Yeah, by 17 year oldes!" When I related that story to my daughter she responded "Either that or 80 year oldes".

Rick said...

You don't look a day over 79, Lane.