Thursday, January 15, 2015

Movie recommendations

It's winter, right? It's the season when we spend a lot of time indoors. Time to break out the DVD movies and watch the good ones again.

The best gliding movie ever made was The Sun Ship Game.  How many of these facts about the movie did you know:
  • It was made by a serious film maker.
  • It is not about the World Championships in Marfa.
  • It features the only known footage of a 2-32 in a gliding competition.
  • It starts out in Vermont.
  • It proves that people were once allowed on the roof of the building at Sugarbush.
  • Lebanon airport appears in a scene.
  • Smoking was cool in 1969.

It was such a good movie that parts of it are excerpted in the second best soaring movie ever made, A Fine Week of Soaring.  This one gets a thumbs up from the weird guy doing gliding movie reviews on YouTube. It takes place at Mifflin County Airport, in Pennsylvania, which some of us have visited.

Every self-respecting glider pilot should own both of these classic films. They are available for purchase here and here (other places as well). Under extraordinary circumstances, you might be allowed to borrow Rick's copies.


Moshe said...

I got the DVD via ebay. Fun watching it, but I must say, I was surprised how poor the video quality is by today's standards.

Rick said...

Imagine how good it will be in another 46 years!