Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Gorham early report

We've had five straight flying days at Gorham, and our wave camp has been a success so far by every criterion, with the possible exception of absolute altitudes achieved. The best, so far. has been 19000 feet. by the HP-14 flown by Chris Giacomo of Ohio. Our club's highest flight was to 17000 feet by Tom Hopper on Tuesday, followed by a climb to 14000 feet by Pete Dodd and Sonny Cilley in the Blanik.

Tomorrow looks like another sunny day, with decent wave possibilities, but the end of the week looks like rain.

Here's hoping for improvement for the final weekend!


Diane said...

Congrats to all on some great flights. I used to love the Gorham encampment!

I'm in CA right now.

    PMSC Member said...

We miss you, Diane!

We're still telling stories about putting your head through the canopy!

Anonymous said...

I believe Chris Giacomo flies an HP-14.

    PMSC Member said...

HP-14, corrected. Thanks!