Sunday, June 15, 2014

Weekend report June 14 - 15

It was a pretty quiet week at old Post Mills, my home town.

The highlight of the weekend was the Saturday cookout, attended by
Andrew, Andy, Bob, Ella, Henry, Judy, Karl, Lane, Linda, Mary, Mike, Peter, Petey, Rich, Rick, Sam, Sue
and Jeff and Tom, who arrived after the food ran out. The meal was followed by a pleasant evening stroll down to the lake for some fishing.

Earlier that day, Dennis took his Dad up for a Father's Day ride, and Tim took PM out across the river for the only two soaring flights of the day. On Sunday, it was too windy to fly, but Willy, Henry, Skip (JS) and Bill went up anyway, just to make sure.

And that's the news from old Post Mills, where the grass is long, the dogs are good looking, and all the thermals are above average.


Anonymous said...

You forgot, "out on the edge of the runway"...and why is an arch-conservative like you plagiarizing a self-described liberal that is an intergral part of the "liberal media"??? Have you finally shed your blinders and stepped out into the light? Welcome to the real world! It's polluted and being run into ruin by greedy bastards, but we're trying to rectify that. First we blow up their Gulfstreams, so they can't fly away, then we torch their mansions...

Anonymous said...

It's so wonderful to see that Liberal-Free-Radio is no longer being jammed in the desolate backwaters and bayous of the pristine upper river valley.
Now we can put all our efforts into shedding that decades old symbol of weak women, ugly men and children w ADHD.

apolitical said...

Been a fan since this.

Tim said...

Thank you Lane, Henry and Brian for taking out the unused tie-downs! It was a huge physically demanding task.