Monday, May 14, 2012

Weekend report May 12 - 13

After yet another towplane delay that caused several members to suggest that we borrow back our winch, we finally started flying late Saturday.

Tom and Skip brought their gliders, and both took refresher rides before flying their own planes. Greg showed us how hang glider pilots do it by soaring the Blanik to 8300 feet on Saturday and again to 7800 feet on Sunday. Mike had a nice flight on Sunday in PM, but had to land when the first thunderstorm of the season gave us a near miss. Tim, Bill, and Rick combined to fix, tow, and instruct. Perhaps next weekend we can skip the fixing part.

Only Skip (JS) carried a flight recorder. Moshe and Tony haven't checked in, so we have only one flight to report to OLC this week.

Steve, Nancy, Sonny, and Christopher showed up and helped out, but didn't get a chance to fly.

Evan continues to sit around at the contest in Pennsylvania, where this photo was taken, just before the rains came:

and these two were taken today:

Why is this man not smiling?

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Anonymous said...

He is not smiling because he had a 'brick' installed in his gilder.