Monday, April 11, 2011

Blanik News

In case you haven't heard, our Blanik is grounded.

The saga continues with an announcement from the German engineering firm, Aircraft Design and Certification Ltd. AD&C has developed a factory-approved inspection and modification that strengthens the wing at the root.

European approval of the modification seems imminent, and FAA approval would follow an unpredictable time later.

AD&C is making the modification available as a kit, accompanied by a Supplemental Type Certificate. The kit costs a mere €6500, not including labor, nuts, and bolts.

What do we do now?


Anonymous said...

Wait for them to ground the L-23's that might hurt enough to get something reasonable done...

Rick said...

I wonder if we could get the kit, without the STC, and relicense the glider in the EXP category.

Anonymous said...

Donate the L-13 to Boland for use as a wind tee. Then acquire another two place glider: one that some scheister Austrian won't poorly maintain and fly high G aerobatics in...this is sooo bogus!

woodpret said...

Rick is on the right track, I think that is a good idea other than could we train in an experimental glider?

Anonymous said...

The Blaniks seems to be more & more, a lost cause.
~ Not sure why they have not grounded the Super Blanik L23 models which I gather have very similar wing structures, sans the flaps, so buying one of them seems iffy as well.
~ I understand experimental category prevents use for instruction nor 'selling' rides.
~ Sinking 10k USD (club or anyone's money) into a glider worth 8-10k USD seems senseless. Especially w/ other serious issues for that a/c.
~ Can a glider be voluntarily decertified as aeroabatic, placarded as such & flown only in the normal category?

+ I trust it for normal flying but would never consider strapping in for aerobatics due to its history & its age.
lets get something else.

woodpret said...

if its not good enough for aerobatics, how would it stand up in "Rotor".

Anonymous said...