Sunday, August 1, 2010

Weekend report July 31 - August 1

We had excellent flying both days this weekend. On Saturday, Evan's 347 km flight was eclipsed by Alexander's first solo, a two-hour flight in the 2-33:

Sonny attempted a 5-hour flight in KX, but fell short by 20 minutes. Tim (PM) flew to Barnard, Stowe, and return for 227 km. Kevin (6Q) raced around his 100 km speed triangle, but failed to break his own state speed record. Thomas (ZP) also made a nice cross-country flight, but, as usual, refused to submit his flight log.

Although Sunday was reported as a little bit trickier, Evan managed to go two more kilometers (349) in T8, on a trip to Belvidere mine, Sugarbush and Franconia. Skip (JS) and Kevin (6Q) got late starts, but were able to add 62 and 70 km to the club total, respectively.

Meanwhile, back at Post Mills, Jason, Chris, Alexander, and Paul K flew with each other in the 2-33. Tim's contribution was to break the brake in the Blanik.


Anonymous said...

Great to hear everyone did so well ~ crap crap double crap
Congrats Alexander - great 1st solo - up over my head around 2500 feet just minding your own business - I took your schooling today and aactually was patiencet in 200 up and got to 4500.
And Sonny- aswesome - I waswonderign if you ever came home before I left and now I know - Cya all -

Andy Lumley said...

Ahh the "look at that wave cloud" point, I love it.

Anonymous said...

On 4 of the last 7 days PMSC had flights over 200 km. There were 6 flights over 200 km by 4 pilots.

There was also a 2 hour first solo, and other long duration and milage flights.

It was a pretty good week!