Thursday, June 17, 2010

Dr. Jack

This may be old news but I didn't know... Dr. Jack's BLIP soaring forecasts are now free (the whole site). All you have to do is register. After you register look at the NAM blipmaps for the northeast (I find these the most useful). To get started look at the maps for thermal updraft velocity (how fast the thermals are going up), buoyancy/shear ratio (if the wind will break up the thermals, above 5 is good), critical height (how high a glider will top out) and Cu Cloudbase (where the bottom of the clouds are). Then don't trust anything you've seen.


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Anonymous said...

Tomorrow's NAM forecast may be broken. The forecast max surface temp is way low (> 10 deg). I haven' thte time to troubleshoot. Might be a really good day in teh offing.