Saturday, May 1, 2010

Wave Friday

The forecast for Friday showed possiblities of wave (Rick and Kevin concured). Sure enough Friday afternoon had wind blowing 45-50 kts straight from Sugarbush and lenticulars were all around. Christopher help me set up the 304 and Andy took off work to give me a 7000' tow (Christopher told me "not to get off early") to the north west at 4:00. Andy placed me just under the leading edge of the cloud shown in the first picture. From there it was 1-3 kts up, up to just short of 13,ooo. I poke along with a ground speed of 0-10 kts all the way up to Spruce Mountain. I don't think I turned more than 45 degrees from takeoff until I got to Spruce Mountain. The cloud I was following ended at Spruce Mountain so I turned around. The return trip was probably 110 kts over the ground. By 5:30 there were still nice looking lenticulars but they were all to far away and I had a nice long ride down to land at 6:00. Christopher waited around to help me disassemble. Thanks to Christopher, Andy, Rick, and Kevin for the great flight.

We should make every Friday "Wave Friday".

The pictures are Christopher's.


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Ironman said...

Awesome cloud day!
1st photo is looking N to NNE
it stayed there the whole time until just before Tim got back- and dissappeard in 10 to 15 minutes - Gone
2nd photo looking right edown the runways - NE multi layer 'lenticular'
last photo down the runways -
SW to SSW - it sat there all afternooon too - biggest lenticualr I've ever seen-
Only a few cloud banks actually moved past - wind was perfect cross - NW
Tony was up in Sugarbsuh and saw the same things -
What a day ~ I have more photos - so glad they came out as good as this on the blog - I was just about to send these out club- wide in email-Thanks Tim ~Christopher