Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Number 100

This is the 100th PMSC News post this year. Feel free to congratulate the editor in the Comments.

It isn't about gliding.

This is shaping up to be a particularly beautiful foliage season. The colors are best appreciated from altitudes incompatible with glider flying.

The Post Mills airplane pilots are always looking for an excuse to go flying this time of year. For a couple of gallons of shared expenses, Andy, Tim, Rich, Rick, Evan, or Keith would be happy to show you the world in living color.

Let's see who can come back with the photo of this year's Reddest Tree in Vermont.


Skip said...

Comments overheard:

"Congratulations, Rick. Hard work pays off!"

"A Pulitzer is headed your way. Duck."

"This is the first page I open each morning (for the weather links)."

And on and on...


Anonymous said...

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