Thursday, July 9, 2009

Pilot for hire

The next time you go flying with Tim Chow, ask him how much he charges before you get in the glider. As of today, he is a certificated Commercial Glider pilot, and he can now fly for hire.

Our examiner, Bill Stinson, traveled from Sugarbush to give Tim his flight test. Moral support was provided by Jason, Christopher, Matt, Bob, Sam, Mike, Creighton, and the recommending instructor/towpilot.

Bill spent about an hour confirming that Tim knew his stuff and then made three flights with him. The third flight was a simulated rope break at low altitude. Tim handled it like the professional pilot he now is, and the test was complete.

Congratulations, Tim, and here's some advice from one Commercial Pilot to another: don't give up your day job.