Friday, March 27, 2009

News from the North

The vagabonds decamped when the Tennessee weather turned for the worse.  Faced with the unattractive choice between sitting in the rain or driving in the rain, Skip, John, and Rick elected to come home.

Our Chilhowee adventure was a qualified success.  We enjoyed four days of thermal flying, southern hospitality, glider fettling, and weird food.  The principal goal of our trip, ridge flying, was not met, but there's always next year.  We're happy to be back in flying shape, ahead of the rest of you.

Meanwhile, Tony reports that the weather in Zephyrhills is still excellent.  He has flown nearly every day and has been duly initiated into the local secret society.


Anonymous said...

Nice tan.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, but do you think he should be using Just For Men on that 'stache?

Anonymous said...

Okay, enough about the fettling--whatever that means--I want to hear about the weird food. Sounds like maybe Rick drank too much and ate chicken-fried jerky.

Rick said...

Picture a Yankee, on a trip to the South, hungry for breakfast, pulling into a typical roadside diner. The Yankee prides himself in his worldly ways and, to a certain extent, assumes that he is familiar with all that southern cuisine has to offer.

He sits down at a a table, by himself, and picks up the menu. He glosses over the familiar hush puppies, grits, and corn pone. But his eye is drawn immediately to the unfamiliar "Brains and Eggs" item in the breakfast section.

Eventually, the waitress, a matronly type, appears at the table to take the order. The Yankee asks, "What are Brains and Eggs?" The waitress responds, "How would you like your eggs?"

The Yankee says, "No, I'm not ordering it, I just want to understand what it is..."

The waitress puts down her order pad, stares directly at the Yankee, and asks, "What don'tcha understand, Brains, or Eggs?"

Anonymous said...

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