Friday, September 7, 2007

Wave Camp I

Here is some basic information about the upcoming Wave Camp at Gorham, New Hampshire:


There will be flying at Gorham from October 6 through October 14. The first weekend (October 6-8) will be organized by GBSC. The second weekend (October 13-14) will be organized by us. If you can make it on only one weekend, pick the second one.

Colonial Fort Inn (603) 466-2732
Gorham Motor Inn (603) 466-3381 *
Moose Brook Motel (603) 466-5400
Mt Madison Motel (603) 466-3622
Northern Peaks Motel (603) 466-2288 *
Royalty Inn (603) 466-3312
Top Notch Motor Inn (603) 466-5496
Tourist Village Motel (603) 466-3312
The Libby House B&B (603) 466-2271
Town & Country Motor Inn (603) 466-3315

* walking distance to airport

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Anonymous said...

Northern Peaks...I think I was one of the only PMSC folks who opted for tradition last year and stayed in Northern Peaks...I wouldn't recommend it! We use to all stay there, but it's gone downhill. Diane
PS Are there any ladies going who want to share a room this year? Diane